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    Wall Insulation
    Works Summer AND Winter!!!!
    Most homes built before 1972 do not have insulation in the walls. Also, few homeowners are even aware that their home has empty walls. During the winter, insulated walls will serve to hold the heat in and prevent warmth from escaping. Once insulated, the walls won't feel ice-cold and condensation / mold is significantly less likely to form.
    Wall insulation makes a huge difference in the comfort of a home.

    During the summer, wall insulation will reduce the amount of heat coming in through the walls and help contain the coolness within your home. The South & West facing walls are often referred to as the "hot walls", the sun tends to bake on them causing the walls to be hot. These heated walls often tend to radiate heat into the home even well after sundown. Once insulated, the heat entering the home is dramatically reduced.

    How it's done...
    Wall insulation is usually done when the home is about to be re-painted, re-stuccoed or texture-coated. The reason for this is due to the many holes we must drill on the face of the walls. Wall insulation can not be injected through the attic area nor from underneath the home. We have to drill holes on the face of the wall, from either the exterior or interior.

    The process involves drilling 2" holes in each bay, above and below the fire-block. This generally means one hole about 3-feet up the wall and another hole about 6-foot up the wall. These sets of holes are made every 16" across the wall to access each bay. The walls are then injected with insulation until full. The access holes are then plugged. Walls accessed from the exterior receive an exterior stucco patch and then each patch is floated to match a standard rough stucco texture. Walls accessed from the interior receive a single cote of interior patch leaving the wall ready for final finish work, including priming and painting .

    We can drill from either the interior OR exterior of the home. When working from the interior it is best when the home is vacant, being remodeled or prepared for exposure to dust. Because wall insulation can be a bit dusty, most of our work is done from the exterior.

    We provide an exterior stucco patch as part of our process (some companies do not). The texture we can best match is a standard rough finish, typical of most homes. Textures such as a raised Spanish-lace, texture coating or skip-trowel are not finishes we can match very well. We do have contractors we can refer to deal with this. Our patch typical dries in a day and can be primed & painted soon after. Some homeowners repaint the entire home, others just color-match the paint and paint each patch.

    Interior patching involves using a spackle or joint compound. The patching generally looks great when finished, but will tend to shrink and crack as it dries. We only provide a primary /web/20130305071833js_/">

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