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    Affordable Solar
    Electric Systems
    Think you can't afford solar? Think again...

    Residential Solar Systems installed from $7995.00
    Less Federal Tax Credit 30%*                  -$2398.00
    Local utility rebates (up to 20%)*          -$1599.00
    Your cost after available incentives*       $3998.00

    Imagine reducing or eliminating your electrical bill for ever!
    California is fortunate to have ample sun and generous state and local rebates for installing Solar Electrical Systems. Now you can be your own utility using proven solar electric technologies backed by reliable product warranties. By producing cost-effective solar electricity on-site you will increase your property value, decrease monthly utility costs, and do your part to help reduce global warming.

    All Home Comfort designs, services and installs renewable energy systems for projects large and small, for homeowners,  contractors, electricians, and developers.  Call one of our experienced solar design techs to talk about your project at 1 (800) 708-4828. If you have your most recent electric bill handy, we'll be able to get started with the design process right away.

    At All Home Comfort, we install the highest quality proven systems and most of our solar arrays come with a limited 25 year warranty!
    A well engineered solar array is robust, requiring little maintenance. Even experimental solar panels manufactured in the 1950s are still producing power today.

    You've probably seen calculators that have solar cells. Calculators that never need batteries, and in some cases don't even have an off button! As long as you have enough light, they seem to work forever. You may have seen larger solar panels -- on emergency road signs or call boxes, on buoys, even in parking lots to power lights.
    There are solar cell arrays on satellites, where they are used to power complex electrical systems.
    Did you know that All Home Comfort solar panels can prolong your roof life by reducing the suns direct heat and thereby lowering attic temperatures? Reducing the suns radiant energy transfer thru the roof helps to keep your home cooler and may allow the home's air conditioning system to work more efficiently, further increasing home comfort and reducing home utility bills?

    What do we do when the sun isn't shining?
    Certainly, no one would accept only having electricity during the day, and then only on clear days.
    We need energy storage batteries. Unfortunately, batteries add additional cost and maintenance to the PV system. However, batteries are only a necessity if you want to be completely independent from city power supply (off-grid system).

    One way around the problem is to connect your house to the utility grid (grid-tie system), getting utility supplied power when you need it (meter spins forward) and getting credits from the electric company when you produce more power than you need. (meter spins backward) This way, the utility acts as a practically infinite storage system or "battery". All Home Comfort can design your system so that "credits" equal "purchases" thus reducing or eliminating your electrical bill.

    Need to add on to your system in the future?

    Maybe you have a growing family, are planning on a home office or you may start working from home. You may want a future home addition or purchase an electric car. All Home Comfort can design a system that can be expanded at future times and at minimal expense! 

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