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    Attic Insulation
    Cooler in the Summer AND Warmer in the Winter!!!!

    The attic is by far the most important area of your home to have insulated.  All too often homeowners believe they have adequate insulation in their attic when in fact they only have a small fraction of what they should have. Current Energy Star Guide lines suggest that most Los Angeles area homes should insulate the attic toR-38 level. If your heating and cooling bills are unreasonably high or you are suffering with an uncomfortable or drafty home. Check your attic insulation!

    Attic insulation works both during the summer and during the winter. In summer it blocks heat from coming into the home and in winter it holds heat from rising out. The result is a more comfortable home with lower energy bills year-round.

    The attic can be insulated using fiberglass, cellulose or foam. Fiberglass batt or rolled insulation is often used in new construction and building remodels for speed and cost efficiency. Cellulose is more effective, more efficient, longer-lasting and safer than fiberglass and is the preferred method for many retrofit insulations. Foam and Cellulose in combination is the the best insulation method as it offers the advantage of air sealing the attic from the house. Our Comfort Consultants can show you the best system for your home.

    How much attic insulation do I need?
    The performance of an insulation material is measured by "R-Value", where the "R" stands for Resistance. The thicker the insulation, the greater/higher it's R-value.

    Current Energy Star Guide lines suggest that most Los Angeles
    area homes should insulate the attic toR-38 level.

    If you live near the coast or in an area that has a mild climate, you probably would do fine bringing your attic up to a total of R-30, but further inland and in warmer areas we strongly recommend R-38, it can keep a home an additional 5-8 degrees cooler in the summer as compared to the R-30.  .

    Most homes have some old or "existing" attic insulation already in their attic. Typically we just add more insulation to what you already have in order to bring the attic up to an R-30 or R-38 rating.  We actually can save you money by using your existing insulation as a base and installing enough additional material over it to bring the attic up to R-30 or R-38. If you feel you may need to remove your old insulation, please see our section on Insulation Removal.

    Attic insulation is quick and easy, most homes can be completely insulated in just 2-3 hours. We enter the attic through a crawl-hole, typically located in the hallway, closet or garage. The process is quiet, clean, and you don't need to leave your home while we work. We also utilize a dust-reduction system and keep our jobs nice and clean.                                                
    Dollar-per-value, attic insulation is unbeatable. Typically paying for itself through savings within a year, it's perhaps the best investment you'll ever make to your home. It pays for itself and then continues to save you money. Because our government recognizes the importance of having proper insulation, there are rebates to provide incentive to homeowners to insulate.

    Schedule a FREE home energy analysis; we look at your roof, ventilation, heating & A/C systems as well as your current insulation levels to give you a complete and comprehensive picture of your home from a energy saving and comfort perspective. Call Today!

      *Information on this page is provided by Dave Cash. Dave is an expert in heating, cooling, ventilation and insulation. In addition to designing solutions for all types of homes and structures, Dave has been teaching home comfort and energy conservation for over 20 years in the southern California area. Material on this page is the registered property of All Home Comfort Inc. and may not be copied or used with out expressed written permission. © Copyright All Home Comfort Inc., All Rights Reserved.


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